The IV All-Russian Contest “Young Analyst” will be organized again with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund. The process of accepting applications has almost completed

08 December 2017

The process of accepting applications for participation in the IV All-Russian Contest “Young Analyst”, traditionally organized with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund, has almost completed.

According to the organizers, the common subject platform of the contest – Digital Economy – includes the following specialized areas (based on preferences of an applicant): production, management, human assets and society, technologies, cooperation, new markets and products, society.

Young experts possessing analytical skills are invited to apply. Participation in the IV All-Russian Contest “Young Analyst” will make a significant contribution into building reputation and strategic potential both of young experts themselves (participants of the contest) and the organizations represented by them.

The expert panel of the contest consists of top analysts from the government and corporations, which considering a special teaching component will become a factor of professional and personal development of the applicants and will provide a high intellectual level of competition.  

The contest represents a unique communications platform for exchange of experience and contacts among the experts and the participants, which will allow significantly expanding competencies and business ties among the young experts and the organizations represented by them.

The applicant has a right to select a real-life project of the represented organization related to the specialized subject topics (while observing required terms of confidentiality) after coordinating it with the management as an object of development within a task of the contest. This will allow the contestant to complete the task with the purpose of delivering a practical benefit for the represented organization, which will consist in development of analytical support of the projects. In case of being selected to participate into the final stage of the contest, this project will be presented to the expert panel comprised of governmental officials and well-known experts.

Media partners of the contest will be represented by federal, regional and agency-level media, which will provide wide public support and a strong interest to the event.

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