The Moscow Nonproliferation Conference will be held with the support of the Gorchakov Fund

18 October 2017

The 2017 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference (MNC-2107) – the largest scientific event in the field of nonproliferation and arms control – will be held on October 19-21 in Moscow with the support of the Gorchakov Fund. This year over 270 high-ranking guests, governmental officials, diplomats, representatives of the expert society from over 40 countries, including Australia, Germany, Egypt, Israel, India, Iran, China, Myanmar, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, USA, France and other countries, and field-specific international organizations (IAEA, CNTBTO, UN and others)  will attend the forum. Experts from think-tanks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China are expected to actively participate as well.

The conference was organized by the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) and its Chairman – Executive Director of CENESS, member of the Advisory Board under the Security Council of the Russian Federation Anton Khlopkov.

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