“The Old Tradition of Zurkhane: Who Were the Persian Warriors?”. A lecture by Farzane Shafii at the Gorchakov Fund

18 January 2019

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund invites you to attend lecture by Farzane Shafii “The Old Tradition of Zurkhane: Who Were the Persian Warriors?”, which will take place in Moscow on January 24.

Almost three thousand years ago a special school on training warriors existed in Iran. It goes back to those ancient times when Mithraism spread out almost all over the world – a type of religion centered on the mysterious god Mithras. That worship was promoted by governors of Iran during different times in history and was based on moral values of the religion – friendship and devotion, due to which Mithraism still exists nowadays. The warriors were trained in special places called “zurkhane” (“house of strength”). UNESCO placed the zurkhaneh as the most ancient power sport into the list of nonmaterial heritage of the humankind.

More information will be provided by journalist, teacher and translator, member of the Gorchakov Fund Farzane Shafii. Everyone interested is invited to attend.

Venue – the Gorchakov Fund (10/1 Yakovoapostolsky pereulok, Moscow).

The event will start at 7.00 pm Moscow time (registration opens at 6.30 pm Moscow time) on January 24.

The working language is Russian (no interpretation will be provided).

Preliminary registration is available here