The Primakov Readings. Day 1. Problems of cooperation between Russia and the U.S.

29 June 2017

On June 29, scientific-and-expert forum The Primakov Readings opened in Moscow. The event was organized by Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the International Trade Center, the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, and the Primakov Center for Foreign Policy Cooperation.


Winners of the competition among young scientists held by IMEMO and the Primakov Center are attending the forum. Roundtable “World in 2035: A Perspective of Youth” for the winners of the competition had been held on the eve of the forum.


The first day of the Primakov Readings was dedicated to problems of cooperation between Russia and the U.S. The meeting was opened by President of IMEMO Alexander Dynkin. He reminded that foundations of the work by Yevgeny Pirmakov were a scientific perspective and dedicated service to his country.


Assistant to the President of Russia Yuri Ushakov read a welcome message of the head of the state to the participants. The document mentioned that on the background of a complicated international situation free communication among scientists, experts and analysts from different countries was aimed at helping to overcome disagreements through an exchange of achievements.


The president of Russia mentioned importance of the fact that the topic of the forum looked into the future.


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov believes that progress in the bilateral relations was needed.


He urged to consider issues of the Russian-U.S. relations in a “Primakov way”.


According to him, Russia puts much effort into launching and re-launching a practical dialogue with the U.S. on different topics. The dialogue of the two countries on the level of deputy heads of the Foreign Service was not interrupted, but delayed due to the circumstances.


During the Primakov Readings, Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia, member of the Management Board of the Gorchakov Fund Konstantin Kosachev spoke about the fact that Moscow was making all the possible effort to preserve the dialogue with Washington, DC and keep the U.S. from making erroneous and irreversible decisions.


Director of the Center for International Security of IMEMO RAS Alexey Arbatov shared his serious concerns in the field of global security.


The topic of the second half of the first working day of the conference was dedicated to long-term trends in Indo-Pacific region and prospects of building new Eurasian economic landscape. The discussion also involved the threat of international terrorism, which did not unite all the responsible international players.


The program of the day ended with a presentation of a new global forecast made by IMEMO RAS “World 2035. A Comprehensive Image of the Future”.


On June 30, the forum will continue. Presentations by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will be made.


A meeting between the U.S. politician and President of Russia Vladimir Putin is expected to take place in the evening of June 29.

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