The Russian-Georgian Youth Forum will take place in Moscow and Pyatigorsk

13 November 2018

The first Russian-Georgian Youth Forum, which is taking place on November 11-18 in Moscow and Pyatigorsk, will promote beginning of a dialogue between the youth of the two countries.

Organizers of the forum are the Russian Youth Union, International Law Institute, Pyatigorsk State University, the Georgian Association of University Graduates from the CIS and Europe, and the Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center. News agency and radio Sputnik Georgia is a media partner of the Forum.

Head of the Georgian Association of University Graduates from the CIS and Europe Nestan Chitaya shared details of the forum. The main goal of the meeting is to launch projects and programs for continuous international youth communication and cooperation aimed at rebuilding the long-term relations between Russia and Georgia.

“We would like to start a dialogue between the youth of Georgia and Russia at the forum. This will result in implementation of joint international projects in different areas. They include cultural, social and humanitarian areas as well as business, which is now, of course, important for many of us. Georgia is a very interesting and attractive country in that field”, said Chitaya.

According to her, the forum will be held on two platforms – in Moscow and then in Pyatigorsk.

Based on results of the forum, a resolution, which will include projects to be implemented in 2018-2019, will be approved.

“The forum is outside of politics. We are taking the biggest effort to create such conditions that will provide us with opportunities. We do not want to feel limited, we want to communicate, we want to attract new ideas, we want to attract investors, and we want to attract tourists… And we see that all of that is possible thorough communications, through contacts. That is why I am asking and urging you to perceive it as a good act, which at the moment we believe to be necessary for our development”, emphasized Chitaya.

Meetings with representatives of the Georgian diaspora, well-known public figures, who are descendants from Georgia, have been scheduled during the youth forum in Moscow.

Anyone, who is interested in participation, can register online on the website of the Russian Youth Union.