The Russian-U.S. Summit of Young Leaders has ended

15 October 2019

On October 6-11, 2019 the first Russian-U.S. Summit of Young Leaders, during which students from the two superpowers were generating ideas about joint resolution of current problems between Russia and the United States, was taking place. In order to complete that, the participants were divided into 6 groups and were focusing on different areas: business development and economic relations; cooperation in arms control and international security; sociocultural cooperation; scientific, research and technology, medical scientific and research cooperation; ecological cooperation; and media cooperation.

The starting point of the Summit was a visit to Suzdal where the participants made a trip into the history of Russia and learnt about the culture of our country. The main event of the trip was elections of the presidents and ministers of the two countries by secret ballot. As a result, Galina Salnikova and Rachel Lloyd, who were coordinating the work of other participants during the summit, became heads of the countries.

An official opening ceremony of the Summit took place at the White House of the Vladimir region where in accordance with the diplomatic protocol the delegation was welcomed by the leaders of the Vladimir region and the “presidents of Russia and the U.S.” exchanged letters of credence to the music of the national anthems.

Later, a busy agenda was prepared for the participants: during two days of the event they visited several institutions, where expert meeting were organized: the Federation Council with the participation of Vladimir Lukin, the Industrial and Commercial Chamber, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tochka Kipeniya, Agency for Strategic Initiatives and Roskosmos. There the attendees of the Summit had an opportunity to communicate in real time with astronauts at the International Space Station – Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Skripochka.

The Russian-U.S. Summit ended with a “high-level meeting” at the Civic Chamber of Russia, where the two presidents signed a Communique, according to which both parties recognized global responsibility for keeping peace and providing security, supporting human rights and sustainable development. In addition to that, they made a decision to switch from confrontation to a broad dialogue. In this regard, a decision was made about founding the Russian-U.S. Youth Council to support a bilateral youth agenda. Also, it was confirmed that the next high-level meeting will be organized in the United States, the time and location of which will be agreed via diplomatic channels.

The ministers signed a number of agreements on cooperation between Russia and the U.S. in different areas. The main provisions included: creation of the International Media Platform, achievement of the UN Goals of Sustainable Development from 2015, improvement of cooperation between NATO and Russia, pursuing the policy of nuclear non-proliferation, safe disposal of nuclear arms in simple ecosystems, joint fight against terrorism and simplification of the visa process for citizens of both countries.

There is a possibility that in the future the recommendations approved by the young leaders based on results of the Russian-U.S. Summit will be used by our countries in order to resolve global problems, which will start a new page in the history of relations between Russia and the United States.