The School of Media Diplomacy took place with the support of the Gorchakov Fund

21 December 2017

A final workshop of the international project “School of Media Diplomacy”, implemented by the Gorchakov Fund and the Presidential Grants Foundation, has ended in Moscow. Participants of the events, organized by the Federation of Children’s Organizations in the Volgograd region, included representatives from the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus) and several territorial entities of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Kabardino-Balkaria, St. Petersburg Tyumen, the Perm region, the Volgograd region, the Kurgan region and the Yaroslavl region) as well as representatives from Lugansk.

Executive Director of Komsomolskaya Pravda in Moldova Vitaly Shvab told about activities of mass media in the field of public diplomacy as a platform of communication between the civil society and the government. 

During the discussions the attendees of the workshop spoke about developing interesting news topics in the area of public diplomacy, challenges of modern media space and its specific characteristics, importance of preserving historical memory and understating its role in creating a holistic picture of perception of the history of the nation, a strategy of resisting propaganda campaigns led by foreign media and NGOs participating in international cooperation.

A presentation of results of the media campaigns, developed at the first educational workshop in Volgograd (September 21-24, 2017) and implemented by the participants in their countries, regions of Russia and Lugansk, represented an important part of the agenda:

- international essay contest “I am an Ambassador of My Country”,

- project “School of Media Diplomacy”,

- international video contest “The Art of Public Diplomacy”,

- international teleconference “Kazakhstan – Azerbaijan – Volgograd”,

- project “Image of the Country” and YouTube channel “Get Educated”.

The participants developed methodological electronic books of recommendations for mass media and journalists writing in the field of public diplomacy as well as on the cross-national / intercultural dialogue and foreign policy topics.

The international project “School of Media Diplomacy” in 2.5 months of its implementation has informationally covered the audience of over 50 000 people, of which 1 000 participants were directly involved in the events. The organizers reported that 200 journalists, editors, heads of local and regional media, bloggers, representatives of press service form Russia and the CIS countries had upgraded their professional skills.