The VIII Diplomatic Seminar finished its work in Minsk

07 December 2015

A final day of the VIII Diplomatic Seminar of the Gorchakov Fund began with a visit to the Belarusian State Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War. After the tour, participants of the forum gathered together in a conference hall to meet with Vadim Gigin, an editor-in-chief of the Belaruskaya Dumka magazine published by the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus. A topic of “Media confrontation using destructive ideologies in the post-Soviet space within the framework of keeping common historic memory” was discussed at the roundtable. All the participants were able to express their opinions and listen to expert points of view on the issue of interest.


After that, the participants of the seminar visited the Belarusian State University, where they were welcomed by Dean of the Faculty of International Relations of BSU and member of the Gorchakov Fund’s Cub of Friends Victor Shadursky.


Two discussions were held at the university. Deputy Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus Oleg Gaydukevich, deputy of the Minsk City Council, Chairman of the Commission for Foreign Affairs and member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus Georgy Atamanov and Head of the Administration for Project Activities of the Central Committee of the Youth Council of the Republic of Belarus Yekaterina Petrashkevich participated as speakers in the first discussion. Such important topics as prospects for international inter-university cooperation, differences and specifics of political systems in different countries, and transparency of an election campaign were raised.

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