The way to a diplomat’s heart – through national cuisine: an interview with Leonid Gelibterman

18 September 2018

Gastronomic tourism today is one of the most prospective areas of the leisure and hospitality industry. It provides an excellent opportunity to get introduced to culture and history of a visited country through learning its culinary traditions. According to global assessments, this industry of tourism is becoming more and more popular every year, but in Russia it has just started its development.

The International Ethno-Gastronomic Club, which has partners in over 40 regions of Russia and 50 countries of the world, is a leading Russian company in the field of gastronomic tourism. In 2018 the center initiated establishing Moscow Diplomatic Gastronomic Club and invited ambassadors and employees of embassies from different countries to become its members. The Gorchakov Club provides media support to the Club.

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