Training courses for leaders of NGOs in the field of foreign policy are opening in Moscow

10 November 2016

On November 10, Training Courses for NGOs, held by the Gorchakov Fund, are opening in Moscow. The goal of the seminar is to introduce representatives of Russian and foreign non-governmental organizations to principles, methods and opportunities associated with implementation of international projects.


The attendees of the Courses will be represented by 18 representatives of public organizations from Baku, Volgograd, Donetsk, Yekaterinburg, Yerevan, Minsk, Kazan, Riedstadt, Tbilisi, Kharkov, Tskhinvali and Shymkent (Kazakhstan).


Within the framework of the agenda, the participants will meet with officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and experts in the field of public diplomacy and foreign relations. During the training sessions, they will learn about media coverage of projects, preparation of grant applications, work with experts and volunteers, financial reporting and will get introduced to major Russian grant support operators in the field of international activities of NGOs.


Joint work of the participants, the experts and the team of the Fund at the projects, presented by NGOs, will become an important part of the Courses.

The Courses will end on November 11.