Ukrainian media about the international conference “Russian-Ukrainian Relations: Problems and Prospects”

25 October 2018


Sverdlovsk and Yevpatoria signed an agreement on sister city relations

The city of Sverdlovsk (LPR) and Yevpatoria (Republic of Crimea) signed an agreement about sister city relations at the international conference “Russian-Ukrainian Relations: Problems and Prospects”.



The bacchanalia, which has been ruling Ukraine for many years, will soon badly hurt its godfathers. Member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Viktor Vodolatsky stated that during a conference in Yalta.

We would like to remind that a conference dedicated to an expert dialogue between Ukraine and Russia took place in Yalta. The conference was attended by Ukrainian politicians. The event had been organized by the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and Integration Committee “Russia – Donbass”.


Russian-Ukrainian relations – a paradox of our times

The statement that Russian-Ukrainian relations are a paradox of our times was made by member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Coordinator of Integration Committee “Russia – Donbass” Andrey Kozenko during his speech at the International conference “Russian-Ukrainian Relations: Problems and Prospects”, which is taking place in Yalta today.

According to Andrey Kozenko, the chosen topic was not simple, but complex. That is why the organizers, when discussing the framework of the event, its goals and tasks, agreed that it would be a platform for an open, uncensored conversation.


An expert provided deadlines of when Ukraine would be split between Russia and the U.S.

This statement was made by Director of EurAsEs Institute Vladimir Lepekhim at a conference in Yalta, which was dedicated to reviving an expert dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, informs a correspondent of PolitNavigator.

Ukraine is not just a country, but a space, through which runs a border between two civilizations, competitors that are practically in the state of a hybrid law – Russian-Eurasian and Western European. This fact is a major condition, which we should consider when speaking about the future of Ukraine and Ukrainian-Russian relations.

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