“Victory in World War II: Post-War and New World Order”. You are invited to attend a video conference of the Gorchakov Fund

13 April 2020

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund invites members of the Gorchakov Club, partners and all those interested in the topics to attend online discussion “Victory in World War II: Post-War and New World Order”, which will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, April 15.

Challenges of the world order, which developed following results of the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences in 1945, will be discussed at the virtual roundtable.

Are Russia and countries-winners of World War II after 75 years of the common victory ready to unite their efforts again – this time in order to confront together falsification of the history? Are the pandemic and the global economic crisis capable of accelerating establishment of the new world order? How will the New Yalta / New Potsdam Conference will look like and how soon will the conference of such scale be organized in the world?

The discussion will begin at 3:00 pm Moscow time on Wednesday. In order to participate, please, do the following:

1.       download Zoom on your phone/iPad/computer;

2.       register on Zoom (this step is required to attend the video conference);

3.       register for the conference by completing a registration form on TimePad (the link is below);

4.       check settings of your camera and microphone for full-format participation in the event.

Before the beginning of the discussion each participant will receive an invitation to attend with a link to access the conference. In order to join the discussion, you can also use an ID number of the conference – a 10-digit number.

The discussion will be organized in a free format.

Duration of the event – up to 3 hours.

Working language of the event is Russian (without interpretation).

Registration is required and available here