Vladimir Kozin presented two new monographs at the Gorchakov Club

16 December 2019

On December 14, member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, senior expert of Center for Military and Political Studies at MGIMO University Vladimir Kozin attended the 7th Annual Members’ Meeting of the Gorchakov Club, where he presented two new monographs published this year: “Evolution of U.S. Strategic and Tactical Nuclear Weapons and Specifics of Their Deployment in the 21st Century” (M.: 2019. 1080 pp) and “U.S. Military Space Policy: Key Guidelines and Future Capabilities" (М.: 2019. 312 pp).

During his presentation Vladimir Kozin mentioned that processes of development, creation and deployment of the U.S. strategic offensive nuclear weapons on a global scale in association with the modern U.S. nuclear doctrines were thoroughly studied in the monograph on the problems of the U.S. nuclear weapons. Significant attention was given to identification of modernization characteristics of that type of weapons in the form of a strategic nuclear TRIAD of the new generation, which may exist up to 2080-2095. Modernization specifics of the U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe and their new means of delivery in the form of fighter-bombers F-35 were described.

The book analyzes modern U.S. nuclear and other military strategic installations, including deployment of nuclear weapons, deployment of missile protection systems and other types of arms. It was mentioned that the current U.S. nuclear strategy includes 14 foundations for deployment of the nuclear weapons, eight of which are written in such a way that they can be interpreted differently.

Problems, which may arise during future negotiations on further nuclear arms reduction, in particular, resolution of the problem associated with introduction of limitations as regards to anti-missile installations and general-purpose forces, were covered. Details of breaking New START and IRNFT by the U.S. party and its negative attitude towards 13 agreements in the area of arms controls were mentioned.

After speaking about the substantive part of the second monograph, which covers a military space policy of the Donald Trump’s Administration, the expert of the Center for Military and Political Studies mentioned that the publication focused on the analysis of the U.S. National Space Strategy of 2018 and also major provisions of foundational documents of Pentagon and the White House on the future of the Washington’s military space strategy in a long-term perspective. Functional characteristics of the activities of the U.S. Space Forces, currently being created, which view the outer space as a field for military actions, were described. The book analyzes existent and prospective intelligence information and attack weapons resources, which provide a foundation for such forces.

The above mentioned publications were given as a gift to the e Gorchakov Fund.

Vladimir Kozin answered questions from the audience following the presentation.

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