You are invited to the sessions of the Gorchakov Fund at the XIX WFYS! Call for applications!

26 July 2017

The Gorchakov Fund will become a partner of one of the key dimensions “Global Politics and Its Agenda: How to Protect the World” of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi on October 14-22 in Sochi.


One of the key components of the upcoming Festival is its research and debate program. The Gorchakov Fund will be a partner of the dimension “Global Politics and Its Agenda: How to Protect the World”, where four discussion and project blocks will be implemented:


1. October 16 – Panel discussion “Society and World Politics”, which will feature top experts in foreign affairs, who will discuss the role of civil society in foreign politics and significance of public diplomacy in building relations between countries.


2. October 17 – Panel discussion “The Role of International Organizations in the System of the New World Order.” A place and importance of international organizations, prospects and factors of developing the new world order as well as the role of international NGOs in conflict resolution are on the agenda.


3. October 18 – Political game “Modern Conflicts and Ways to Resolve Them”. Members the working groups will be offered several cases focusing on the issues of certain regions of the world in order to address specific problems and mechanisms for their resolution. One of the tasks of the groups will be to develop a roadmap and present it at the end of the working day.


4. October 17-20 – Public Diplomacy Courses for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO Training Courses), including training programs and master classes held in working groups. As part of the four-day courses, officers and experts of the Gorchakov Fund will speak about the role of civil society in foreign politics and how NGOs can help promoting mutual understanding and a dialogue between countries. The participants will acquire basic skills in preparing and implementing international projects and meet potential partners from other countries. A separate block will include work in groups, during which exclusive projects will be developed that in the future may receive support of the Gorchakov Fund. The NGO Training Courses are available to representatives of non-governmental organizations participating in the Festival.


How to participate in the panel discussions and political game (first three blocks):

- The three platforms are open to all participants registered on the official website of the Festival. Please fill in the application form at for the purpose of accreditation and gaining access to the three blocks.


How to participate in the NGO Training Courses:

- if you are a citizen of a foreign country, you need to register as a participant on the official website of the Festival and fill in the application form at When completing the registration form, please mention “The Gorchakov Fund” in the section: “Where did you learn about the Festival?”


- if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation  and are already registered as a participant of the Festival, please, complete the application form at


When completing the application, please make sure to mention your ID number received after registration on the official website of the Festival.

According to the applicable terms and conditions, the organizers will cover costs related to participation in the Festival, whereas the sending party will cover travel costs of the participants to and from Sochi.

The deadline for submitting applications to participate in the NGO Training Courses is August 3.