Young leaders from Turkey are undergoing training with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund

17 February 2020

International Unit of the Resource Center of the Civil Society of Kuban has welcomed foreign youth leaders as part of the Russian Civil Society Program. The main goal of the program, implemented with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund, is to provide training and exchange experience for non-profit organizations. The visit of the volunteers was sponsored by Turkish National Agency “Erasmus”.

The visit of the Turkish young leaders, who during two months will be learning about the best projects implemented at the Resource Center, has become the first step of the program. The pilot group this year consists of employees of non-profit organization “Mozaik” from Samsun, which for already many years has been a sister-city of Krasnodar. The long-term experience of cooperation includes international projects that have been successfully implemented with the participation of youth activists from both countries as well as cooperation on the level of government agencies.

“The current exchange of experience is the first step towards launching a large-scale public diplomacy project, which will not only allow us to expand the borders of cooperation between Russia and representatives of friendly nations around the world, but also strengthen developing diplomatic relations. We have prepared an individual training program for each participants and I can tell you for sure that our Turkish friends will go back home not only with the baggage of knowledge in the area of non-profit organizations, but also with warm feelings towards Russia”, mentioned President of the Foundation for Support of the Civil Society of Kuban Sergey Petukhov.

The trainees received matryoshkas as gifts from the young people representing the Association of the Civil Society of Kuban. “The kids, who have come from Turkey, together with us will become the earliest explorers of that diplomatic road. They arrived a week ago, but are already willing to share their first experience received in Russia. The experience, according to them, is exclusively positive”, told Founder and Director of the International Children’s and Youth Camp “MOSTCAMP” Igor Novitsky.

During the first three days of their stay in Russia, the Turkish youth leaders had a chance to see Krasnodar, experienced everyday life in Russia and also learnt in detail about activities of the Resource Center.

“We have also added an informal educational block into the training program for each participant: they will have training sessions at the premises of the Krasnodar Regional Training Center “AT RSM” accompanied by synchronous interpretation into English. The Russian Youth Union has several international programs. One of them is international youth cooperation”, said Federal Coach of the Association of Coaches of the Russian Youth Union, Director of Information Service of the Resource Center Victoria Livanva.