Young professionals in the Leningrad region are discussing a new standard in relations between Russia and NATO. The International Summer School sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund

05 July 2016

Classes at another CIRP Summer School “Results of the Summit in Warsaw: A New Standard of Relations NATO-Russia” have begun in the Leningrad region. The organizer of the events is the Center for International and Regional Policy. The partners are the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, the Russian-Polish Center for Dialogue and Cooperation, the Information Bureau of NATO in Russia and the Russian-Baltic Media Canter.


About 100 high school students and post-graduates specializing in public policy and economics from different cities of Russia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey and Belarus have come to the seminar.


The goal of the school is to discuss global international political, economic, social and cultural topics and search for decisions to complicated relations, which have developed in the world today. In particular, that concerns relations between Russia and the European Union and NATO on the background of current problems, mentions IA REGNUM.

The CIRP Summer School will be completed on July 8.