Young scientists from 10 regions of Russia discussed how the world would look like in 2035. A roundtable at the Primakov Center

28 June 2017

On June 28, roundtable “World in 2035: A Perspective of Youth” is taking place at the Primakov Center on the eve of international forum “The Primakov Readings – 2017”.


The event was organized by Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS (IMEMO), the Primakov Center for Foreign Policy Cooperation and the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.


According to information provided earlier, IMEMO and the Primakov Center had called for applications from young scientists within the framework of preparation for the Primakov Readings. Winners of the competition were invited to attend the forum and received an opportunity to meet top experts, former and current politicians, and businessmen.


The participants of the roundtable were welcomed by Executive Director of the Primakov Center Roman Grishenin. He described the format of the discussion as extremely interesting because young scientists become respected experts after actively participating in discussions and making presentations on well-known platforms. Their opinion is willingly quoted by the media as its audience demands deep knowledge in the field of political science and foreign affairs.


According to Roman Grishenin, participation of the youth in promoting such knowledge was also important. A contribution made by scientists of the new generation into development of the Russian science and making sure that it keeps up with the times is crucial.


Roman Grishenin is confident that the roundtable and participation in the Primakov Readings will provide an opportunity to establish communications with respected Russian scientists and later will serve as some kind of a social elevator in science.


The executive director of the Primakov Center introduced the audience to goals and activities of the organization, told about major event held since its opening in February of the last year.


Roman Grishenin expressed gratitude to IMEMO RAS for including the Primakov Center into the list of organizations participating in the present readings. When summarizing results of the competition among the young scientists, he mentioned that a large number of applications demonstrated a significant interest of the youth in such events and, consequently, the fact that the Russian science was developing, but not stagnating.


When meeting with the experts at the roundtable, young scientists in the field foreign affairs from 10 regions of Russia will discuss future of the world system by 2035. They will present changes, which can be expected in economic, political, regional and social processes, using different methods of forecasting in their reports.


The goal of the roundtable is dissemination of intellectual heritage of outstanding scientist and politician Yevgeny Primakov and providing support of young scientists in the field of foreign affairs.

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