Youth Expert and Analytical Club in the Southern Urals, sponsored by the Gorchakov Club, has summarized the first results of its activities

29 August 2018

The first stage of founding Expert and Analytical Club “Central Asia and Neighboring Regions” is coming to an end. The project targets development of a permanent community of political scientists, sociologists and economists, which will become a think tank and, at the same time, a discussion platform for promoting the idea of the Eurasian integration. The initiate of the Eurasian Commonwealth Foundation had been supported by the Gorchakov Fund.

In July, the first workshops of the School of a Eurasian Expert were organized in the capital of the Southern Urals. Already the first meeting of the club made a splash among the youth – over 60 student leaders participated in it and they were also joined online by youth from different regions of Russia and countries of Central Asia. Together they discussed influence of migration processes on the ethno-confessional situation.

During July workshops and discussions, chaired by Deputy Head of the People’s Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region Sergey Bredikhin and Director of the Center for Cultural and Religious Ethnology Research, Sociopolitical Technologies and Educational Program Elizaveta Shchetinina, were successfully completed. Besides the migration situation, they were dedicated to specifics of the national and religious etiquette. The experts analyzed reasons of conflicts based on inter-ethnic grounds in the border territories of Russia and countries of Central Asia. They mentioned rules of good neighborly behavior.

Activities at the School of a Eurasian Expert continued in August. Workshops, dedicated to developing personal career trajectories of youth under conditions of the Eurasian integration, were taught. The participants of the workshops studied principles of youth public diplomacy, its strategies and practices.

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