Ekaterina F. Lakhova

In 1972 graduated from the Sverdlovsk Medical Institute with a major in pediatrics. 1972-1976 – worked as a nurse, district doctor. 1976 -1987 – studied at the clinical residence of the Sverdlovsk State Medical Institute.1987-1981– Head of Pediatric Department. 1981-1987 – Deputy Chief of the Sverdlovsk City Health Department for Maternity and Child Welfare. 1987-1990 – Deputy Director of the Health Administration of the Sverdlovsk Regional Executive Board for Maternity and Child Welfare. 1990 – elected RSFSR people’s deputy, the same year became a member of the RSFSR Supreme Council, Chairman of the Committee on Women, Family, Maternity and Child Welfare. 1991 – RSFSR State Counselor on Family, Maternity and Child Welfare. 1991-1994 – Counselor for Family, Maternity and Child Welfare to the President of the Russian Federation. 1994 – Chairman of the Presidential Commission on Women, Family and Demographics. 1993 –co-founder of the political movement “Women of Russia”.

Elected deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the 1st –5th convocations, served as Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Women, Family and Youth.