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26 March 2020
Comments by member of the Gorchakov Club Alexandra Ogneva on the coronavirus situation in Germany
19 September 2017
Vesti of the Chechen Republic - about a press tour of Polish journalists
25 April 2017
International Conference “The Arctic Dialogue” (Plenary Session 1)
25 April 2017
International Conference “The Arctic Dialogue” (Plenary Session 2)
25 April 2017
International Conference “The Arctic Dialogue” (Plenary Session 3)
11 April 2017
The Russian-Georgian Public Center and the Gorchakov Fund – in TV program P.S. on Georgian TV channel Rustavi-2
09 November 2016
Forum "Issues of National Security on the Background of Globalization and Integration Processes"
12 September 2016
Youth from dozens of countries of the world arrived in Orenburg to attend the educational forum "Eurasia"
03 August 2016
Roundtable - Russia and Serbia, July 28, 2016
16 June 2016
Konstantin Kosachev - about results of the Potsdam Conference
22 May 2016
International conference “Black Sea Region: Challenges and Prospects”
11 April 2016
Sergey Lavrov is making a speech at the assembly of the Council on Foreign Policy and Defense
22 March 2016
High school students from the Moscow region at the Olympics in Rome supported by the Gorchakov Fund
18 March 2016
Andrea Gianotti: Post-Christian Europe will disappear from the history
10 December 2015
Briefing held by official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova
10 December 2015
The VIII Diplomatic Seminar in Minsk and Brest, December 2015
02 November 2015
Participants of the conference supported by the Gorchakov Fund in Belgrade - in the TV program "International Review"
01 October 2015
Roundtable "International Dialogue in the Arctic"
08 September 2015
International press tour to Trans-Dniester
26 August 2015
Panel discussion "Political Philosophy" at Territory of Senses
25 August 2015
The Era of Dominance of the West in Economy and Politics is Coming to an End. A speech by Sergey Lavrov at Territory of Senses
31 July 2015
Territory of Senses. A final video of the session "Young parliamentarians and political leaders"
31 July 2015
Russian-Georgian meeting of young political scientists is taking place in Chechnya for the first time
23 July 2015
Jacob Kedmi: The US does not want Russia to exist!
22 June 2015
"Balkan Dialogue - 2015" on Channel One!
21 June 2015
Kyrgyzstan’s entry into the EEU: difficulties, special aspects and prospects
11 June 2015
Speech by Yelena Ponomareva at the seminar of the Council of Europe "Memory and Lessons of II World War"
20 April 2015
"Total Dictation" was held in Tbilisi
07 April 2015
Communicative Meeting on Public Diplomacy in Tbilisi
30 March 2015
USA: Congressman slates proposals to arm Ukraine at the US-Russia Forum